Marketing Services

We help you market your crops so you can focus more on growing them.

From clearing to complete one-on-one consulting, Cornbelt Marketing, Inc. offers a wide spectrum of marketing services in Brimfield, IL, and beyond designed to support any facet of your marketing plan. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your operation.



  • Competitive Clearing Rates
  • Speculative Accounts
  • Hedge Accounts

News and Analysis:

  • Internal Fundamental and Technical Analysis - Updated Daily and Weekly
  • Supplemental Analysis Through a Variety of Reputable Sources - Inquire for More Information
Healthy Crops


  • Variety of Consulting Services, Allowing You to Choose How We Work Together

Inventory Management:

  • Cash Grain Merchandising
  • Cash Sale Tracking

Hedge Guidance and Tracking:

  • Development, Execution, and Management of Risk-Management Strategies
  • Weekly Phone Calls
  • Regular Email Communication

Educational Opportunities:

  • On-Farm Meetings
  • Regardless of Generation, There's Always Room to Grow